Besides my research on exoplanets, I do several projects outside of the University institution. Some projects, however, are clearly motivated by my thoughts about extrasolar worlds.

Here is a selection of my recent projects.

Lectures & Workshops

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I have given lectures for diverse audiences in natural science and art. Here, I reveal the ones that were meant for the art & design audience:

I gave my lecture Introduction to Life on Earth, Astrobiology & the Diversity of Planets at ZHdK. The workshop Performance Stage - Performance Space: COSMIC SOUP / SPACE STAGE was done for the art performance class of HKB, and my workshop on Planetary Thinking was done for HyperWerk Basel.

ZHDK lecture


Interdisciplinary Space Station

image alt title Image: Kunsthalle Zurich

Together with LitUp!, we have created a Interdisciplinary Space Station during the science festival 100 ways of thinking of the University of Zürich at the Kunsthalle of the Löwenbräu-Areal. We have created and explored far away worlds and planets with our collective expertise in politics, philosophy, astronomy, poetry, human being..



Astronomy on Tap

image alt title Image: Thibaut Roger

Astronomy on Tap (AoT) - talks about astronomy in a local bar - is a format that was invented 2013 in New York. In Switzerland this exists, too! The organizers from the University of Bern invited some astrophysicists for the 5th AoT and celebrated the international day of women in science. I was speaking there, too.

Radio RaBe Astronomy on Tap

Ouverture dans la nuit

image alt title Image: Nelly Rodriguez

The artists of mercimax invite for a travel around the Sun. On our journey, I am sharing my views on the nightsky. During our travel, we encounter the four seasons and wander through the starry night, and enjoy the attractions of the finite world.


2018 & 2019


Unort of Zürich 2017

image alt title Image: Stefan Scheidegger

Together with LitUp! and ResPublik, we asked the public to vote for the Unort (non-place) of Zurich 2017.

What is an Unort?

Each individual nomination offers its own answer to this question: what does the Un- stand for? And declares Un- always something bad? The winning Unort illustrates the most convincing concept for aptitudes and inaptitudes of Zurich's urban planning.

Unort on LitUp

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Training & Lost_INN

image alt title Image: hoelb/hoeb

I am very thankful to the artist duo hoelb/hoeb. They are such an inspirational source for me. In 2016 and 2017, I had the pleasure to take part in two of their projects: Training and LOST_INN.

hoelb/hoeb offer visitors surprising new perspective with their experimental arrangements and dare to elucidate our understandings of charity, care, and humanity.



I did some readings with Adrian Naef for his book Die Städter. In his book, his younger self and his present self wonder about turns and curiosities in life. I am a big fan of his literature. Definitely check out his poems!

Adrian Naef